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For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a fascination with clothing. As a child, I would change my clothes multiple times a day—just for fun! I used to draw and draft clothes, playing with my Mom’s remnant fabric and in desperate spits of creativity cut up pieces of fabric without a pattern in hopes of assembling a lovely garment. In high school, this extended into dance and theater. The costumes–oh the costumes! I’m a sucker for pretty, sparkly, colorful things that make me feel beautiful and flatter my curves. I forgot this passion and it sat dormant for a long time. Life happened. Good things and not so good things. I pursued other interests–teaching Pilates, diagnostic ultrasound, teaching and assisting yoga, being a mother and so much more.

One day, the intense need to create came back with a fierceness like no other! The dream started with an obsession for curve-hugging, wild pants and a sewing machine. It crystallized with an impulse purchase of a $25 pink serger from Craigslist. I love a well-made, unique pair of yoga pants. So I started making my own. Unable to find an existing pattern that flattered my body, I set to drafting my own. I’m not gonna lie: my first attempts were less than stellar! I taught myself how to use the serger which came with no instructions. I’m quite stubborn. But, my determination fuels my fire!  I had no idea where this little hobby was going to take me. I’m not a professional seamstress. Before this adventure, the last time I’d stitched anything was when I was 12. (I’ve always had my own unique fashion tastes.)

Yoga students and friends started asking me where I got my pants. When I replied, “I made them,” the typical response was, “Well, do you sell them? You need to sell them. Will you make some for me?” So, here we are. I’ve since upgraded my machines and my skills! Zebra Mama is a fully realized labor of love. Each piece of clothing takes on a life of it’s own—special and unique to every individual. My mission: make yoga clothes with a ravishing fit that make you feel amazing and empowered. I create clothes you look forward to wearing—no matter your body type!

“What about the name?” you ask. Well, that’s a story for another time.

A few things about my work:

* I’m local! All pants are hand cut and stitched by me.

*No sweatshops!

*I source my fabrics as responsibly as possible.

*I do my best to keep my environmental footprint as small as possible:

                         Fabric scraps are used in other creations, or taken in for textile recycling.


*Packaging is in a wash bag, which is intended to protect your clothes when stored and allows you to throw the whole bag into the wash when you are ready.

*Pants include a short mantra or positive messages on the inside of the waistband.