Here's an example of hand Tie-Dyed fabric from the Zenplicity Line. Due to the nature of creating each piece, no two will ever be exactly alike. Price listed is for shorts. Please use the pull down options for correct pricing.

Zenplicity Black

  • Hand Tie-Dyed, high performance, white polyester spandex blend is usually combined with a single dye color.  Some items may be double dyed, with a different color at the bottom of the legs than the top. This process takes longer because the fabric has to be partially suspended above the pot, colored, washed, and then the process is repeated to dye a different portion of the garment.  This line is more expensive for a few reasons the base cost of the fabric costs more, more materials are involved (dye), and the process takes more time to create. Every item is truly unique because it is impossible to exactly duplicate a design. Patterns can be made like a web or more solid with a striped look. If desired a more all over solid appearance can be created color may or may not take completely evenly, so there can be some variation in a "solid" dye. The dye is specially formulated for polyester fabrics as they can be stubborn in taking color. The color holds up through multiple washings, will not fade or deposit even even in a really hot and sweaty yoga class!

    What makes these pants so great?

    • As with all Zebra Mama pants: proudly made in the USA, hand cut, and stitched up with love. No sweatshops- ever!
    • Compression spandex hugs you in.
    • Flatlock seams prevent chafing.
    • Crotch guesset allows for maximum stretchability.
    • Flattering wide waistband with high waist for good coverage, no matter what pose you choose to strike!
    • Positive mantra inside the waistband.
    • Each pair of pants comes with a wash bag.


    • Store your pants in the wash bag they came in.
    • When you finish wearing, turn inside out, zip them up in the wash bag, and toss the whole thing into your washer!
    • Hand or machine wash inside out on delicate with cool water.
    • Line dry or dry on low setting. High heat degrades spandex over time.

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