Find Your Fit

Pants, Capris, Shorts


Sample sizes are available to give you an idea of fit, but we can adjust off of the patterns for custom made items just for you! Currently patterns are available for sizes xs-5x. Fittings are available by appointment. Please use the contact page to inquire. It’s best to do a fitting in person after your item is made to be sure we don’t need to do any adjustments. Specific measurements are required for custom fit items.

This is approximate, and as you can see there is some overlap on the sizing. Measurements are in inches. The best way to know is to try on a sample size!    


     Size     Approx. Size      Waist         Hips          Thighs

      XS          0-4                   26-30       35-36.5      20-21 

      S            4-6                   28-34.5    35-38.5      21-22.5 

     M            8-10                 31-36       37-41.5       24.5 

      L            10-14                34.5-38    41-45         22-26.75 

    XL           14- 1 X              37.5           47.5            29 


    Size           Waist           Hips           Thighs

    1X-2X          41.5             51.5              31.5

    2X-3X          45.5            55.5              34

    3X-4X          49.5            56.5             36.5

    4X-5X          57.5            62.5             38.25

*A few notes about fit: Spandex should not be stretched near it’s max when you put them on. Too stretched spandex + yoga asana= no bueno! You can have awesome, thick fabric but if you stretch it to capacity it will be... *ahem,* revealing. This may sound obvious, but spandex is not a coat of armor: if you choose to wear panties under your garment think “color coordinate”: Nude for light colors, black for dark colors. Lastly: the pointy part of the triangular gusset points towards your tush:-) For most pairs of ,pants: mantra in the front, zebra in the back. If you have a partial liner, it’s meant to cover your seat, not your thighs